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Blue Color PPR Reducing Tee XM6008

Code: XM6008
Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Shape: Equal
Material: 100% new raw materials PP-R
Brand Name: CXM or OEM
Working Medium: Water
Working Pressure: 2.50MPa
Working Temperature: 95℃
Specifications: T25x20x28~T160x110x160
Process: Injection
Equipment: Plastic injection molding machine
MOQ: 5 cartons
Delivery Time: Within 30 days
Trade Term: FOB, CFR
Payment Term: L/C,T/T
Means of Transport: Land,Ocean,Air
Port of Loading:Ningbo or Shanghai
Services Life: More than 50 years
Export Area:All over the world
  • XM6008

  • CXM or OEM or without brand

Blue Color PPR Reducing Tee Pipe Fittings Features & Advantages:

PPR (2)

1. Sanitization & Non-poison: This product is green building material which is able to use for pure clean drinking water pipe system. No heavy metal additives would not be covered with dirt or contaminated by bacterium.

2. High Temperature Resistance: the maximum sustained working temperature is up to 70 Degrees Celsius, the maximum transient temperature is up to 95 Degrees Celsius.

3. Corrosion-Proof & Non-Fouling: Resist chemical matters or electron chemical corrosion. Able to avoid the pipe's fouling or blocking as well as the blemish, rust on basin and bath.

4. Beautiful Appearance & Higher Flow Capacity:Smooth inner and outer surfaces, less flowing resistance, soft color and beautiful figure.

5. Easy and Reliable Installation: Using heat melting joint without sleeve wire, and taking few seconds for connecting and adopting good quality copper inserts to connect the metal pipe and basin.

6. Long Using Life: ppr male coupling for pipe fitting can be used for over 50 years under normal condition.  

7. ppr female coupling for pipe fitting is recyclable and environmental friendly.


Size (mm) Pcs/Carton Carton Size MOQ (Cartons)
T25x20x25 500 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T32x20x32 300 47x28.5x39.5cm 5


250 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T40x20x40 180 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T40x25x40 170 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T40x32x40 150 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T50x20x50 120 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T50x25x50 120 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T50x32x50 100 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T50x40x50 100 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
72 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T63x25x63 72 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T63x32x63 60 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T63x40x63 60 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T63x50x63 54 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T75x20x75 50 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T75x25x75 50 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
48 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T75x40x75 48 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T75x50x75 40 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T75x63x75 32 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T90x20x90 32 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T90x25x90 32 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T90x32x90 32 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T90x40x90 24 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
24 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T90x63x90 24 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T90x75x90 22 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
20 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T110x25x110 20 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T110x32x110 20 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T110x40x110 20 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T110x50x110 18 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T110x63x110 12 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T110x75x110 12
47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T110x90x110 12 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T160x90x160 12 47x28.5x39.5cm 5
T160x110x160 4 47x28.5x39.5cm 5

We are professional manufacturer specializing in producing PP-R pipes,PP-R fittings and PPR Valves since 1998,we are a leading supplier for water systerm and heating systerm certified by EN ISO 9001:2008,and our products performed German standard DIN8077/8078.ODM and OEM both are available,the high quality and best service will be offered.

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