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HDPE butt fusion equal tee

Material: PE100 or PE80
Pressure: SDR11,SDR13.6,SDR17
Process: butt fusion injection
Color: black, blue
Working medium: water,oil,gas
Working temperature: -40℃~40℃
Working life: more than 50 years
Size: dn25x25x25~dn630x630x630
Means of transport: air or ocean
Trade term: FOB, CNF
Payment term: L/C, T/T
Production capacity: 100000pcs/month
Packing: export standard cartons
Delivery time: within 45 days
MOQ: 10pcs per size
Port of loading: Ningbo or Shanghai
Export area: all over the world
  • CXM or OEM or without brand

HDPE Butt Fusion Injection Equal Tee


***Advantages and welding of PE pipe fittings:

PE pipe fittings is light, which is more common for partial application pe80 pe100 grade level and two standards , including :

PE80 density of about 0.94 g / cm 3, PE100 density of about 0.96 g / cm 3 ;

Easy thermoplastic - easy to process ( such as injection molding, extrusion molding

Remanufacturing easy recycling

Good resistance to radiation and chemical stability

Good resistance to cold , the temperature can be -40 ℃ to 40 ℃.

Excellent electrical insulation properties , is not affected by electrolytic corrosion

Malleable - extended break PE80> 700% PE100> 600%

Anti- erosion resistance - 8 times better than steel

Approximately half of the low thermal conductivity of glass

Smooth surface , unlike the role of metal pipes rust easily with oxygen crusts

pe pipe connection into fused pipe connections and fittings connected to melt , the more ordinary side, the other , as well as socket connections, this method is applied to a small size.

1 , fused connection : Follow these steps: First check , and then is cut pipe , pipe fittings joints clean , scrape the oxide layer , connecting the two parts of the tube and pipe fittings , calibration welder , welding parameter adjustment in accordance with the welding voltage, welding Dimensions , electricity, welding, and then finally cooled.

2, the hot melt connection : the inner surface of the pipe surface and the pipe is inserted while the welding is non-rotating die head is heated for a few seconds , then quickly removed and welding device , the heat pipe has a fast vertical insertion tube , packing, cooling to .

3 , socket connections, relatively simple, not elaborate here .


Size (mm)
Size(mm) Size(mm)
Size(mm) Size(mm)
dn40x40x40 dn50x50x50
dn63x63x63 dn75x75x75
dn140x140x140 dn160x160x160
dn180x180x180 dn200x200x200
dn355x355x355 dn400x400x400
dn450x450x450 dn500x500x500

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