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PPR-FB-PPR pipes for water XM1002

Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Material: 100% new materials PP-R and FB
Brand Name: CXM
Specification: DN20 ~ DN160
Length: As customers' request
Thickness: International standard
Standard: DIN8077/8078,GB/T18742
Working Medium: Cold and Hot Water
Working Pressure: PN10/PN12.5/PN16/PN20/PN25
Working Temperature: -40℃~95℃
Connector: Welding
Color: Green, Grey, White,Blue
MOQ: 3000Meters
Export Area: All over the world
Trade Term: FOB,CFR
Payment Term: L/C,T/T
Means of transport: Land,Ocean,Air
Delivery Time: Within 30 Days
  • XM1002

  • CXM or OEM

PP-R /Fiber Composite Pipe PN16/PN20/PN25

***Application Scope

▇ Residential cold and hot water piping;

▇ Piping for purified water or drinking water;

▇ Production and conveyance system for beverage and liquid medicament;

▇ Piping used for compressed air;

▇ Piping used for other industries and agriculture.


PP-R pipe,also called random copolymerized polypropylene (type II) pipe, is a new generation of environment-friendly construction material developed in the 1990s. Besides plastic pipes' merits such as lightness,corrosion resistance,anti-deposition and long service life, PP-R pipe also enjoy some other advantages,like hygienicness,heatresistance and longer service life. Meanwhile, its coefficient of heat conductivity is quite low and it is good at hear preservation and energy conservation. Because of the technique of the thermosol binding, it is convenient to be installed and reliable in joints. Also, the material can be recycled. Therefore, it is worthy of the name environment-friendly construction material.

Compated with aluminum multiunit pipe,PP-R pipe can be made into tubular products with larger calibers, with the largest reaching more than 160mms in caliber. CXM brand PP-R pipes and fittings are widely used in such areas as delivery of drinking water, production agriculture, planting in gardens, parks and ranches, etc.

***Product Introduction:

PPR Fiber-glass composite pipes  make use of 100% imported raw materials,and thus guarantee its product quality. This high-performance pipe is produced through multi-layer co-extrusion at low temperature and high speed by special technique and equipment. This pipe has 3 layers, in which the internal and external layer is made of PP-R materials, while the middle layer is stiffened and reinforced composite materials. PP-R materials of internal layer ensure the hygiene of this pipe, and reduces coefficient of linear expansin; PP-R materials of external layer facilitate its hot-melting and socket connection with traditional PP-R pipes.

***Color: green, white,gray

***Length: 4meters straight length or according to customers' requirement.

***Technology Data:

PPR-FB-PPR PIPE PN16/1.6MPa/16Bars
Size Packing Quantity Diameter Thicknesss Internal Diameter
mm meters/bag d (mm) s (mm) di (mm)
20x2.3mm 100m 20mm 2.3mm 15.4mm
25x2.8mm 60m 25mm 2.8mm 19.4mm
32x3.6mm 40m 32mm 3.6mm 24.8mm
40x4.5mm 28m 40mm 4.5mm 31.0mm
50x5.6mm 16m 50mm 5.6mm 38.8mm
63x7.1mm 12m 63mm 7.1mm 48.8mm
75x8.4mm 8m 75mm 8.4mm 58.2mm
90x10.1mm 4m 90mm 10.1mm 69.8mm
110x12.2mm 4m 110mm 12.2mm 85.6mm
PPR-FB-PPR PIPE PN20/2.0MPa/20bars
Size Packing Quantity Diameter Thicknesss Internal Diameter
mm meters/bag d (mm) s (mm) di (mm)
20x2.8mm 100m 20mm 2.8mm 14.4mm
25x3.5mm 60m 25mm 3.5mm 18.0mm
32x4.4mm 40m 32mm 4.4mm 23.2mm
40x5.5mm 28m 40mm 5.5mm 29.0mm
50x6.9mm 16m 50mm 6.9mm 36.2mm
63x8.7mm 12m 63mm 8.7mm 45.6mm
75x10.1mm 8m 75mm 10.1mm 54.8mm
90x12.3mm 4m 90mm 12.3mm 65.4mm
110x15.1mm 4m 110mm 15.1mm 79.8mm
PPR-FB-PPR PIPE PN25/2.5MPa/25Bars
Size Packing Quantity Diameter Thicknesss Internal Diameter
mm meters/bag d (mm) s (mm) di (mm)
20x3.4mm 100m 20mm 3.4mm 13.2mm
25x4.2mm 60m 25mm 4.2mm 16.6mm
32x5.4mm 40m 32mm 5.4mm 21.2mm
40x6.7mm 28m 40mm 6.7mm 26.6mm
50x8.3mm 16m 50mm 8.3mm 33.4mm
63x10.5mm 12m 63mm 10.5mm 42.0mm
75x12.3mm 8m 75mm 12.3mm 50.4mm
90x15.0mm 4m 90mm 15.0mm 60.0mm
110x18.3mm 4m 110mm 18.3mm 73.4mm




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