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Stable PPR Pipes XM1004

Code: XM1004
Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Material: 100% new materials PP-R
Brand Name: CXM
Specification: DN20 ~ DN63
Length: As customers' request
Thickness: International standard
Standard: DIN8077/8078,GB/T18742
Working Medium: Cold and Hot Water
Working Pressure: /PN16/PN20/PN25
Working Temperature: -40℃~95℃
Connector: Welding
Color: Green, Grey, White,Blue
MOQ: 3000Meters
Export Area: All over the world
Trade Term: FOB,CFR
Payment Term: L/C,T/T
Means of transport: Land,Ocean,Air
Delivery Time: Within 30 Days
  • XM1004

  • CXM or OEM or without brand

Stable PPR Pipes Series XM1004


◆ The coefficient of thermal expansion of it is 1/3 that of the common PP-R tube, and it will not be distorted by the long period of exposure the hot water.

◆ The aluminum and the plastic are fixed tighty, which renders it uviofast and ensures a longer longetivity.

◆ It adopts the homogeneous connection by hot colloidal sols and is conveniently fixed, reliable and timesaving.

◆ It is hygienic and innocuous. It meets the standard of GB/T17219-1998 and is qualified for a type of environment-friendly product.

Overview of stable ppr pipe series:

The stable random copolymerized polyprolylene pipe (stable PP-R pipe for short) is a kind of latest environment-friendly composite tube, which is made up of a metal tube and a series of protective layers fixed together by specialized hot colloidal sols.

Used under the normal prossure and temperature, the service life could be up to 50 years.

Specifications of stalbe PP-R pipes:

Size Packing Quantity Diameter Thickness Internal Diameter
mm Pcs/Bag d (mm) s (mm) di (mm)
20x2.3mm 100m 20mm 2.3mm 15.4mm
25x2.8mm 60m 25mm 2.8mm 19.4mm
32x3.6mm 40m 32mm 3.6mm 24.8mm
40x4.5mm 28m 40mm 4.5mm 31.0mm
50x5.6mm 16m 50mm 5.6mm 38.8mm
63x7.1mm 12m 63mm 7.1mm 48.8mm
20x2.8mm 100m 20mm 2.8mm 14.4mm
25x3.5mm 60m 25mm 3.5mm 18.0mm
32x4.4mm 40m 32mm 4.4mm 23.2mm
40x5.5mm 28m 40mm 5.5mm 29.0mm
50x6.9mm 16m 50mm 6.9mm 36.2mm
63x8.6mm 12m 63mm 8.6mm 45.8mm
20x3.4mm 100m 20mm 3.4mm 13.2mm
25x4.2mm 60m 25mm 4.2mm 16.6mm
32x5.4mm 40m 32mm 5.4mm 21.2mm
40x6.7mm 28m 40mm 6.7mm 26.6mm
50x8.3mm 16m 50mm 8.3mm 33.4mm
63x10.5mm 12m 63mm 10.5mm 42.0mm


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